Sunnyvale’s new Administrative intern is concerned about the release of information at the facility and is concerned the organization is inappropriately releasing information.Prepare a memo that addresses the following components:For your state, describe the required mandatory reporting of communicable and notifiable diseases and include the applicable state or federal regulation.For your state, describe the required reporting of certain deaths to the medical examiner or coroner. These reportable deaths usually include accidental, homicidal, suicidal, sudden, or suspicious deaths.Describe the difference between release of information for treatment, payment, and hospital operations.Access the summary of the healthcare data breaches at the following web page:Cases Currently Under Investigation (Links to an external site.). Use the summary to identify the following information:The number of cases currently under investigation for your state (you can sort the report by clicking on the drop down for state).The number of cases per covered entity type (e.g., Healthcare Provider, Health Plan, etc.).The number of cases by type of breach.The number of cases by the location of breached information.Using your textbook as a resource, list the policies and procedures your facility has to mitigate the risk of breaches.After review of the information for your state, recommend an action plan for addressing each of the types of breach, excluding Network server or email breaches.
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