UNI 439
Even A Little Exercise Might Make Us Happier
The topic is trying to address the main reason behind an individual’s moods. The main idea is to establish whether there exists a clear difference in the level of happiness in two distinct people, those who exercise and those who do not. The author is trying to substantiate if the level of happiness in two individuals who are active (exercise) is different. Finally, there is also a comparison between the types of exercises individuals engage in and also the routine for exercising.
The people involved are those who work out and those who do not work out. There are also those who do a little exercise while others who practice it for a long time. The main idea is to distinguish their level of happiness. The study has emphasized the people at large without putting into consideration constraints such as age group or the type of exercise an individual is involved. The review has made me realize that I am in the category of those people who do not work out. Personally, for the past few days, my moods were not so good. I have become interested in I would like to see a change in my moods and also the moods of my close friends. I am more than willing to enroll myself in a gym.
The article is targeting a vast population, but it is critical to the workers and students. In the pursuit of their dreams, there would always be a tendency of them forgetting the importance of their physical health. Generally, everyone deserves to be happy, and hence I think it should be a topic of interest to all people. Everyone including those who do not work should develop an interest. The greater society is the most affected in this issue. As said earlier, people in pursuit of their dreams become too much committed that in the event they may forget about their welfare. Happiness is what stirs good relations.
People in the greater society are intensively involved, and hence the review has a huge impact on their lives. With this knowledge, there is a guarantee in more drive and passion in their lives. Whether I will get employed or become an employee in the future, I will be very keen on incorporating exercising in my routines. For instance, if I become a boss most likely, I would fix some time to ensure that the workers can engage in some exercises. Thus, exercises provide a great opportunity for interaction hence bringing about happiness, and as a result, there is cohesion at my workplace.
Multiple unresolved issues at hand, first, it is not fully justified why there are people who are always happy but yet they never exercise. Assuming that a person with bad moods gets into a gym with the mindset of getting happier will the individual’s mood change? Taking the case that an individual has completed the standard American and European recommendation for good health is one guaranteed for happiness through the rest of the day?
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