Need a procedure part of lab report.
How was the experiment carried out? Precise bullet statements, written in a paragraph form.
a. Completeness (Can a person reproduce your experiment? Do not forget to include an ending.)
b. Bullet statements in paragraph form.
c. Focus
d. No extraneous information
No personal pronouns. Everything must be third person. All past tense. And keep short.
The textbook of this lab is attched as a pdf file. We did the Exp.1, it starts at page 175, but you still need to knowthe info before that.
Here is discussion part of my group, maybe it can help you.
In this experiment, two different mixtures were tested. The first mixture known to have caffeine and acetaminophen, showed that caffeine travelled 1.0 cm, while the acetaminophen travelled 2.6 cm and the solvent front was at 4.3 cm. After TLC, the unknown mixture was shown to have been made up of three different compounds. When compared to the first TLC plate it was determined that the unknown mixture was made up of caffeine, acetaminophen, and an unknown third compound that was measured to have travelled 3.6 cm with a 4.0 cm solvent front. Because the TLC plates were not the same length, the Rf was not an accurate way to identify the compounds in the unknown solution. The caffeine and acetaminophen were identified by the distance they travelled from the starting point of adsorption. An error in the experiment is that the TLC container was not closed immediately when doing the second TLC plate causing the solvent to evaporate thus the solvent front not being the same as in the first TLC container.

We used 3 substances, Caffeine, Acetaminophen, and cold medicine(unknow).
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