The term paper must be 1000 words in length. Select one of the articles provided, preferably one relative to your major. You may choose a different article, or choose another topic relative to geology. Your paper will essentially relay the information in the resource you are reviewing. You are required to submit a rough draft which is worth 10% of your paper grade. Here are some tips for writing your paper:
ü The writing must be 10-12 font, Arial or Times New Roman font, black text.
ü Additional sources are encouraged, which can include your textbook.
ü The sources must be reputable, and preferably not Wikipedia as their information is not always accurate.
ü References must be cited within the text with the author’s name and date of publication, i.e., (Dundas, 2012).
ü Be sure to paraphrase information and refrain from using quotes.
ü A paper that consists of multiple quotes, does not exhibit writing skills, just copy and pasting skills.
ü Spelling and grammar will be heavily weighted in the paper!
Ø Have someone proofread your work
Ø Go to the writing center if you are unsure of your skills or if you have struggled with -writing in the past. They are located in ED 184. Their hours and contact info can be found here:
ü Avoid the use of “I”, “we”, “you”, etc. in your writing.
ü Be careful with homonyms and misused phrases as those below:
Ø They’re, their, there
Ø Your, you’re
Ø To, too, two
Ø Affect, effect
Ø Than, then
Ø Supposed to: Do not omit the d. Suppose to is incorrect.
Ø Used to: Same as above. Do not write use to.
Ø Toward: There is no s at the end of the word.
Ø Anyway: Also has no ending s. Anyways is nonstandard.
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