What is the main issue for your organization in addressing a solution to evidence-based nursing practice? Discuss what might be the first step in addressing and resolving this issue.
On issue that is currently a problem at my organization when addressing a solution to evidence based nursing practice is the turn around rate for nursing. Since covid we have experienced a great amount of new traveling nurses who are not familiar with our organizations protocols. Most travel nurses go off of the protocol from their staff job which is not always the same for every hospital. Many of our core staff have also left to be travel nurses leaving only a few core staff behind on each unit.
Evidence based practice reflects the most current and knowledgable way of caring for our patients, new policies are always being put in place and updated to keep staff current on the latest trends in healthcare (Dols, 2017).
The first step in addressing the fact that not all new coming nurses are following the facilities protocol is to have them complete an orientation and show them where and how to look up standard protocols for our organization (Dols, 2017)
EBP ensures nurses are aware of the implications of their actions and helps them to include patients in their care plan (Why is EBP important, 2021). Another step is to make sure the charge nurse is aware of the new nurses and is making sure they are following the organizations protocol and if they are not the charge nurse should educate them on this.
Since there is a constant rotation on new nurses every few months it’sits a little harder to ensure everyone is on the same page and practicing according to EBP protocols. The best we can do is address the problem when it arrises and inform new staff on where to look up a policy.
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