the scenario discussing Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Anderson was in a car accident over six months ago and she continue to experience back pain. Mrs. Anderson is experiencing some other issues with her workplace and issues with her older children. The treatment/ goal plan I have suggested for Mrs. Anderson is referrals to Operation Par for substance abuse, counseling, referrals to Al Aon meetings to address issues with her older children, along with a mental health assessment for major depressive disorder and anxiety. I did not have any challenges with the initial treatment plan. The only challenges I faced was finding the DSM codes and figuring out a diagnose for Mrs. Anderson. The DSM has been challenging and frustrating for me because I don’t fully understand the Axis and I do not know how to correctly assign them to Mrs. Anderson. These challenges have not been fully resolved. This can be said because I am not a doctor, I have never used the DSM model, and this is not my field of study, there are no reinforcements or any way of knowing if I am applying the correct diagnosis to the treatment plan. I feel I could have used more information to come up with a better plan for Mrs. Anderson. The only potential ethical challenge I feel is sending Mrs. Anderson to Operation Par for drug abuse. I do not know if Mrs. Anderson is addicted to pain medication because I am not an expert on the drug abuse. However, my mother was in a car accident, so I can identify with Mrs. Anderson. My mother uses pain medication every day, but this does not mean she is addicted to prescription drugs.
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