For this portfolio sub-assignment/activity, you will find an example of a public health advocacy activity. The example must be an activity sponsored by a legitimate public health-related organization (see the Lecture 11 slides for examples).
To receive credit for the assignment, you will need to answer ALL of the following questions in the submission box (please number the questions for clarity).
1. Identify your chosen public health advocacy example. Provide a 1-2 sentence description of the example, including the name of the organization and the public health problem it addresses. Include a URL to the example, if available. (1/3 pt)
2. Briefly describe how your example meets the definition of advocacy (see Lecture 11 slides for the definition). (1/3 pt)
3. Assess whether or not you think the advocacy example was appropriate for the problem it addresses. If so, provide a specific reason why it was successful. If not, provide a specific reason why it was not, or how it could be improved. (1/3 pt)
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