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The chart below illustrates the different Photoshop features from least sophisticated to most sophisticated in terms of complexity and usage. You can manipulate photos, create images, create animations, and use hundreds of special effects.
Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite CC
Photoshop CC ($9.99 [USD], or $9.99 [USD], plus the cost of the software product itself) is the most recent version of Photoshop. It represents the next generation in design. The end result is an image that could not be produced with a computer. It is a photo or image manipulation program.
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements ($59.99 for standalone [USD]; and bundled with the Adobe Creative Suite, $79.99 for standalone [USD]) was originally a basic-level photo editing program that allowed users to use one image or a batch of images at a time. It supported layers and included a number of editing tools that could be used for photo correction, photo manipulation, and digital painting. Photoshop Elements 9 is now part of the Creative Suite 3 bundle, which also includes Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, and Adobe Flash.
The following is a list of the important Photoshop elements, which are objects or tools that are unique to Photoshop:
File> New > Other
This command opens the Create a New Document dialog box. From this dialog box, users can create a new Photoshop document as well as open an existing file in Photoshop. If a file is opened in Photoshop Elements, the New Document command opens a file in Photoshop.
When creating a Photoshop document, a naming convention must be followed when naming a file. The following is the naming convention for a Photoshop document:
[a][space]BEST NAME FOR [type]
For example, if you would like to create a document called my_new_best_pencil_brush.psd, the name should be: my_new_best_pencil_brush.psd.
File> Save
This command saves the file. Note that Photoshop Elements saves a file as either a layered file or a non-layered file. A layered file is also known as a Photoshop file, image file, or a PSD (Photoshop document). The Save As dialog box is displayed.
File> Save as
This command opens a Save as dialog box for saving the file.
Filter> Sharpen

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The package includes many image editing tools which are useful for photo retouching and web graphic design. These are raster images, so they don’t have the same level of flexibility as vector images. Photographers will also need to access additional software tools to convert files from one format to another. Photoshop Elements uses most standard image formats which is not the case of Photoshop which requires additional plugins.
*The beginners might need to learn the special features before using it efficiently.
Adobe Photoshop Elements reviews by media
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21 Best Free Retouching Photoshop Alternatives
When you’re handling large amounts of images that need image editing. Adobe Photoshop is the perfect choice. However, the price tag is very high.
With Photoshop Elements you can edit image just as much as you can do in a high quality photo editor. This is very convenient and doable even for the beginners.
Photoshop Elements include Photoshop, which is one of the most powerful professional photo editing tools and Photoshop, which is a simple graphic editor. What else is better than this? One of the best applications for photo editing around and one of the best freeware applications.
The shortcomings of Photoshop Elements are as follows:
Adobe Photoshop is very expensive and Photoshop Elements is free
Photoshop only offers advanced features with a cost. Photoshop Elements offer all basic editing tools with a lower price.
When you need to save large amounts of data, you will have to purchase other programs. The two are not interchangeable.
You cannot use advanced features such as a warp tool, or simulate the effect of shooting from a panoramic camera.
Adobe Photoshop Elements is not a free option for professional image editing. It is not as flexible as Photoshop. But its price is very reasonable. So, is this worth it?
Yes, for most people, it is good enough.
No, for advanced image editing.
Photoshop Elements 12.0
Photoshop Elements is one of the best photo editing tools available. It’s free, easy to use, and extremely powerful. With Photoshop Elements you can create and edit both raster and vector images. The program is available for all platforms, including macOS and Windows.
Even though Photoshop Elements offers the basics of image editing, you will need additional tools to process different image types. A basic understanding of Photoshop is not necessary to be able to use the program. There are

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Getty Images
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In some instances, the interviews have been held or will be held next week, while others will happen this week.
Bill Polian, the former Colts general manager and an analyst for the NFL Network, has done the initial interviews in the last several years, and now the league office is doing so.
Here’s a look at what can be expected from the process this year.
Schedules are changing, with fewer media availabilities.
Arguably, teams are trying to put themselves in position to be more active on the draft. With that in mind, each team will be doing fewer of the normal in-person interviews, but more phone calls and correspondence.
The season kicks off in less than a month, so there will be even less time for in-person interviews and those that do happen will be spread out over several days.
Publicly, it’s been stated that visits will include a team tour, and coaches will talk about some of the players they’ve scouted and evaluated.
Therefore, if a team has an interest in a player, they’ll want to get that player on campus for a “behind the scenes” look. If a player doesn’t work out, it won’t matter because they’ll have the video of how he handles the visit.
Regardless of how many visits occur, some of the on-paper visits are for different purposes: to see how the head coach lives, for example, or to get a feel for how the players move in and around the area.
For every player set to visit a team, it’s probably safe to assume that the team has a real interest, either for round one or for a particular player.
Some teams (like the Giants and Broncos) are at the point where they won’t be looking at any player in the first round of April’s draft. Others (like the Saints and Rams) will be set on Day Two or the early part of Day Three.
So how do the teams know who they like?
The interviews can include anything a team wants to get a sense of a player, which could include a private workout in the player’s

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Windows XP or later, Mac OS X 10.8 or later, Linux
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