Assignment Instructions
Pick one of the following chemicals:

Ammonia (anhydrous)
Hydrogen Fluoride (anhydrous)
Nitric Acid
Methyl Isocyanate

A tanker truck containing a chemical is in an accident causing a release of that substance. The Incident Commander (IC) is requesting your input as the acting Science Officer (aka CBRNE O, NBC O, etc..).
Write a 2 page paper (about 600 words) on the hazards of the chemical and other pertinent information you might provide to the IC.
What I am looking for is NOT just a reiteration of a MSDS, but how that information is interpreted and used. Example: if the chemical is immiscible in water, would you advise the IC to decontaminate with pure water?
Please include a REFERENCE(S) (journal article, book, website, etc..) if needed to support your discussion.
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