Your topic has been funded to expand your literature review and conduct your own research on the subject. The only stipulation is that it must be made interdisciplinary in order for the funding to be granted. Interdisciplinary means the involvement of 2 or more professions or departments, such as: radiology and respiratory, nursing and physical therapy, radiology and oncology, nursing, respiratory, and occupational therapy, etc. You do not need to include ALL disciplines, and it can be any discipline relevant to the project. You will create a presentation for the grant board as your final project. **For this part I was going to use Nursing and radiology and oncology**
When working on your presentation, include the following:

APA formatted title slide at the beginning of the presentation
What is your topic? How will it be made interdisciplinary? What other disciplines will be included?
Why is this topic relevant to current research? What do you hope to achieve by conducting further research on this topic?
What method of research is the best fit for your project? Why? Give examples of what you intend to do to obtain your information.
If human subjects are used for research, what must you do in order to perform the research and include the results in your project? Who must you obtain permission from, what steps must you take for the sake of your research group, etc? Include this information even if you are not using human subjects for your project.
What is the role of each discipline during the research project? What data will each discipline collect? What is necessary to promote cooperation between all disciplines?
Name 5 advantages and 5 disadvantages/struggles of conducting this research in an interdisciplinary manner.
List possible scholarly journals you could publish your research in once it is complete. Explain why you think these journals would be a good fit

For this project, do not exceed 12 slides total (NOT including the title slide). You may use themes if you choose, but please make sure it is legible. Use bullet points to highlight key information on the slide. Expand the concepts in the note section, if necessary.
I started a powerpoint and attached it below.
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