Case option: analyze a single case that we have not studied in the syllabus readings, using frameworks we have studied
Choose a case (an instance of natural resource conflict, policy making, or administration) and analyze it using one or two frameworks we’ve studied. The framework that I chose was the debate over Payment for Ecosystem Services. However I do not have a case. I have attached the resources that can be used and additional ones need to be added.
Make an argument about how the frameworks (or some element of them) helps us understand the case. Include at least two sources beyond the syllabus, which provide the empirical details of your case.

A paragraph describing your intentions for the paper, including your best guess at the specific question you wish to answer in the paper, or the argument/thesis your paper will support.
A list of sources, which satisfies the requirements listed above
A key quote from at least one source, and a comment about how that quote helps to support your argument or answer your question One source is a website:…

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