Individual Skills AssignmentIndustries and organizations are comprised of individuals who are established at the individual, team, leadership, andorganizational levels. As an I-O psychologist, you will be expected to design training programs that will increase theeffectiveness of the business that you either coach or are a part of.Using the textbook and at least two other sources from the CSU Online Library, outline a training program that will helpincrease effectiveness from an individual perspective. For example, you may focus on individual resilience and organize atraining program that increases individual hardiness, which would reduce attrition rates and sick days. As part of yourexplanation, include how an I-O psychologist can specifically assist in increasing effectiveness at an individual level. Pleasefocus on I-O psychology specifically rather than focusing on psychology in general.The paper should be two pages in length and include an introduction and discussion section. Make sure to use headings toorganize your paper and guide your reader.Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.
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