Select five articles that you might be considering using Research Proposal. The articles should not be older than five years and must be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. The Writing Center resourceChoosing the Best Sources and Evidence(Links to an external site.)may be helpful when selecting your articles. Summarize the articles in one paragraph each,1. In what journal or other source did you find the article? Was it reviewed by experts in the fieldbefore it was published? That is, was the article in a Peer-reviewed publication?2. Does the article have a stated research problem or question? That is, can you determine thefocus of the author’s work?3. Does the article contain a section that describes and integrates previous studies on this topic? Inwhat ways is this previous work relevant to the author’s research problem or question?4. If new data were collected, can you describe how they were collected and how they wereanalyzed? Do you agree with what was done? If you had been the researcher, what additionalthings might you have done?5. Did the author explain procedures clearly enough that you could repeat the work and get similarresults? What additional information might be helpful or essential for you to replicate thestudy?6. Do you agree with the author’s interpretations and conclusions? Why or why not?7. Is the article logically organized and easy to follow? What could have been done to improve itsorganization and readability?8. Finally, think about the entire article. What is, for you, most important? What do you find mostinteresting? What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of this article? Will youremember this article in the future? Why or why not?
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