Critical Assignment Psychology 
Final Research Paper. The Topic is  – Support Homeless Veterans. 
Students will compose a research paper utilizing APA writing standards. This paper should investigate an agency or program that advocates for a cause related to the field of Psychology.
Specific Guidelines for this assignment:

Write a 10-12 page advocacy paper in APA format.
Use peer-reviewed literature to support the proposed plan to advocate for an organization.
Demonstrate the correct sections of an APA paper.
Students will be evaluated by a written communication rubric commensurate to their level.

Paper should include:Introduction
Information about your agency
Information about the advocacy initiatives you have chosen for this agency
Support/justification for these initiatives
Conclusion/Call to action
Papers need to be well-written in APA style and demonstrate advanced knowledge of Psychology and psychological writing.
Explain social justice and social advocacy
Write in APA format and correctly cite sources and references. Show ability to make and defend an argument with correct citation of evidence.
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