Must be in APA format having a title page, abstract page, running header, a reference page properly formatted (use, and headers for organization
The body of the paper should be 4-6 pages (page count does not include the title, abstract, or reference page)
The paper should include 2 different topics that you choose based on common diseases and/or lifestyle choices that are prevalent in your family
Your should have 3 reference for each topic, so that’s a minimum of 6 references
There should be a reflection of your Behavior Contract goals and connection to your research topics, if any
The paper should be written in your own words, nothing should be copied and pasted directly from a source unless essential to do so. If a direct sentence or fact is is used, it should be properly cited.
Look to the syllabus for more details on what you research and discussion in the paper should include
This class requires submission of Journal reflections of each Module we covered. Each module’s journal entry should be 450 to 500 words. We completed 4 modules and will cover one more additional chapter next week. The Journals should be all in one document submitted together. You should be working on this now. . You will be submitting 4 module reflections plus a ~150 word
you sholud look at the link first

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