I need a page to write about this topic please. I have the main points to write about in one page. I just want you please to help me to write about it one pag, and please in simple words. VERY SIMPLE WORDS.
here are the main points that the one page should be about.

270,000 GWh/yr is the electricity consumption in Saudi Arabia in 2014. ( this number considers as a big consumption ) .
51% of the consumption was from Air conditioners. There are around 20 million Air conditioners in the country. ( the reasons of this are the hot weather and no awareness and no thermal insulation in the buildings.
In fact, Saudi Arabia’s electricity consumption in summer 2014 was higher than both Sweden and Norway’s consumption in a year.
Moreover, Electricity consumption in Saudi Arabioa approximate 9 times of the middle electricity consumption in fourth big Arabic countries in terms of population.
70% of the buildings do not have the thermal insulation.

I hope they are enough to write it in one page including between the brackets.
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