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CMNS 342
Living Online: Relationship and Identity Development
Each week you will write one (1) discussion question based on the assigned readings for that week*. Starting week 2, your weekly discussion question will be due every Tuesday due to the designated submission folder on D2L by 11:00am (e.g. Week 2’s discussion question is due on Tuesday, April 9thh by 11:00 am).
*You are not required to submit a discussion question the week that your group presents to the class.
The purpose of these discussion questions is:
1) to demonstrate that you have completed readings and understand the content, and
2) to enable a fruitful class discussion on the assigned readings. Questions should not be clarification questions (e.g. What is constructivism?).
Discussion questions should engage fellow students in the material and prompt thoughtful discussions. Be specific and detailed in your questions. Discussion questions should not include questions that are clearly answered by the readings. Questions should showcase your own ideas and analysis of the required readings.
All assigned readings for each week should be referenced in your discussion questions. Instead of discussing each article one by one, make an attempt to synthesize the content (i.e. make connections between the ideas in the readings).
Evaluation of weekly discussion questions:
Questions should include the following:
1) A strong foundation built with a clear explanation of the author’s/authors’ argument
2) An exploration of your own ideas
3) An interesting concrete application
The first week that discussion questions are due, everyone who submits one discussion question will receive full credit. I will leave feedback to your question on D2L and will note if that question is a check +, check or check -. Following the first round of discussion questions, questions will be grading according to the following scale:
Check + (full credit: 10pts)
Check (two-thirds credit: 6.66 pts)
Check – (one-third credit: 3.33 pts)
Examples of “Check +” discussion questions will be posted on D2L.
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After receiving feedback, if a student is still unclear of what constitutes a strong question, please schedule a time to meet with the instructor.
Discussion question feedback will be left on D2L every week.
Late discussion questions are not accepted and will not be graded.
Your first discussion question is due on Tuesday, April 9th @ 11:00 am to the designated submission box on D2L.
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