Refer to the scenario below to complete these assignment.
Discuss the questions that would be important to include when interviewing a patient with this issue.
Describe the clinical findings that may be present in a patient with this issue.
Are there any diagnostic studies that should be ordered on this patient? Why?
List the primary diagnosis and three differential diagnoses for this patient. Explain your reasoning for each.
Discuss your management plan for this patient, including pharmacologic therapies, tests, patient education, referrals, and follow-ups.
Chief complaint: “17 years female patient complains of fatigue”
General Appearance: Around 11:30 AM Patient is awake, alert, oriented to herself, time, place and situation Skin is warm, and dry. Patient reluctant to make eye contact. Her eyes are tearful, slightly annoyed tone of voice. She said she feels a lot of pressure because it is her senior year. They lay on a lot of pressure. Her height 5′ 4″, her weight168 pounds. Patient reported that her mom made her come to the clinic because she is tired and not interested much since two month ago, at the same time she is thinks it is physical, but at t she is worried about her behavior. She stated if her mother has just took her time to listen to her, she would understand her.
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