-Develop strategies to achieve educational goals (RN to BSN, BSN to MSN, ARNP).Include the following in your paper:
Please attach an outline-One professional short-term (complete each class for my BSN with a good GPA) and one long-term goal (complete my MSN and become a Community Health ARNP) €”examples include career, duties, and levels of responsibility in current position-One personal short-term and one long-term goal€”examples include self (focus on self improvement, work life school balance), family (spend more time with my husband, daughter and son), educational (maintain a good GPA, earn my BSN), and lifestyle (eat healthier and exercise)-Needed skills including using resources, effective communication, teamwork, and education and certification-Milestones for achieving the short-term and long-term goals-Barriers and how to overcome them-Management of time-Conclusion and recommendations-At least three references; two from peer-reviewed scholarly journals-Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.I have attached a mind map and an outline:Resources: Microsoft® Powerpoint® Pre-Writing Mind-Map Templates and the University of Phoenix Material: Pre-Writing Outline TemplateComplete one of the provided Microsoft® PowerPoint® pre-writing mind-map templates or the pre-writing outline for your Personal Goals Paper.Submit the completed mind map or outline to your instructor.Example of my other paperFour years from now I envision myself as a Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Community Healthcare. As I embark on my journey to achieve my long term goal in becoming a leader in my profession and an advocate in my community I must fine tune my short term goals. My short term goals are to complete all my courses to complete my ADN to BSN, then I will work on completing my BSN to MSN, finally I will work on completing my licensure and certifications for Community Health ARNP. I understand my journey in nursing will take time, dedication, and take hard work to reach my final goal, but I love being a nurse and being passionate is where my motivation to start my journey begins. After I reach my long term goal, who knows I might just set on another journey to achieve my DNP. I would be able to also continue working in the management sector and continue making the impact on a population as a whole than one person at a time. I feel that working as an RN in the community I am gathering knowledge, hands on experience, networking and building a foundation for my career in the long run.


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