Case 2.
Ms. Anne is 30 year old single female charged with the crime of poisoning his boyfriend at his house. She was arrested after she had committed this crime just before leaving from his boyfriend’s house when the neighbors spotted her and called the police for her arrest. Anne  told the officers that the boyfriend had put little poison to the drinks he had bought for her without knowing and that she had also taken the poison only that she had not died. The police tried to examine her and found her blood level was at the normal limit and no poison taken, and the police realized that, she was only cheating so as to escape the offense of poisoning the boyfriend. Anne was arrested there immediately and was released after one week with a court order. She refused all this charges saying that, she did not do this and that, the neighbors and the police were only cheating. The judge was shocked about Anne denials and he imposed a harsh sentence of eighty days of poison treatment at the corrections facility. Anne felt bad because she knew that she was going to lose a job in that period since those days were too many. The judge did that without wanting to know the rich background that Anne was coming from and how beautiful Anne was. After the tests were done to see whether Anne had any poison substance in her blood, there was no poison in her blood. Anne disclosed to her lawyer that she was cheating so as to be set free from the cell. She gave the whole story that, her boyfriend had become worse by being unfaithful to her to the extent of him sleeping with sugar mummies and high school girls and from this, she decided to poison him and kill her, so that she can lead a stress free life.
Determine the type of forensic assessment that would most fit this case.
Your choices are:
. Competence to stand trial
. Poison crime evaluation
. Mental health treatment evaluation
Case 3.
Dr Brian has been charged of fighting with his wife and leaving her with bad injuries on her face. He admitted to fighting his wife and leaving her with the bad injuries because the neighbors have always witnessed him fighting with wife and has most of the time come to rescue the wife. He even said that, he had planned to fight the wife until death had the neighbors had not come for her rescue. He presented himself with no hostility or irrational thoughts.
Case vignettes
He continued disclosing everything that, he started beating his wife long ago from the first day he married her. He said that, since his wife had not gone to college and was just a housewife leaving him to do everything to cater for his family, that is why he sometimes was stressed and felt like fighting the wife. He argued that his wife had left him with lot of house duties and this disturbed him a lot and made him feel like killing her together with the kids. He said that, if it were not having been their neighbors, the wife would have died long time ago. Brian was guilty and never denied the charges. He also said that, he was not doing this because he had a mental problem but only wanted to teach his wife a lesson.
Your choices are;
.Competence to stand trial
. Fighting crime evaluation
. Not guilty by reason of insanity
.Mental health treatment evaluation
Case Vignettes
Name: Identification Number: Date of
Tests Date:  Time Spent:
Interview Date:  Time Spent:
Name of Assessment (competency to stand trial, substance abuse, not guilty by reason of insanity, or mental health evaluation)