focus is about working with an inter-professional team. An inter-professional team help you manage your patients and practice. For your discussion post you will write what the ideal provider mix for an inter-professional team in primary care would look like.
this week has two dimensions to know the difference between a consultation and a referral. A consultation is a request for opinion or advice, so that the requestor can manage the patient. This is billed under one of the consultation codes listed in Physicians’ Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) (99241-99245 for outpatient of office consultations). A referral is made when the referring provider wants to turn the management of the patient over to the referred-to provider, at least for the current complaint. The referred-to provider will bill an evaluation and management code, rather than a consultation code.
A minimum 2000 word paper on a referral and consultation request and include all key elements. I would consider using a 1000 words for the consultation section and 1000 words for the referral section.

Consultation: Document the evaluation and recommendations for how Ms. Wilson FNP-C, APRN, MSN should deal with the consultation request and bill a consultation code.
Referral: Write up a referral request and include all key elements. Document your referral to Dr. Owens and the evaluation/recommendations for how Dr. Owens should deal with the referral and bill a referral code.
Don’t forget to use APA format.
5 current references ( with in the last 5 years)

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