Benchmarks And Interactive Dashboards
In a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation, report your findings and highlight notable data points.
Part 1 Create a profit map with filters for region, subcategory, and order date (year), and then create an interactive dashboard using the Sales by Product Subcategory and the Profit Map worksheets. Add floating multivalued drop-down filters for Year of Order Date, Region, and Subcategory to the profit map (do not forget to apply it to both worksheets), and then move the profit color legend to the bottom of the negative bar chart.
Part 2 Create 3 more worksheets, as follows:
Product Category/Subcategory KPIs: Create a worksheet that display key performance indicators for sales by product subcategory/region. Create calculated fields for Prior Year, Latest Year, and Year over Year (YoY). Calculated fields for an alert position and a mark position will also need to be created. Use shapes and colors to format the alert positions, and sort the sales in descending order for readability.
Latest Year:
IF {MAX(YEAR([Order Date]))}=YEAR([Order Date]) THEN [Sales]
Prior Year:
IF {MAX(YEAR([Order Date]))}-1=YEAR([Order Date]) THEN [Sales]
Year over Year:
ZN(SUM([Latest Year]))>=ZN(SUM([Prior Year]))
Mark Position:
Alert Position (Compute along Table):
( IF [YoY] THEN SUM([Latest Year])
ELSE SUM([Prior Year])
A table displaying sales by product category: Include filters for region and order date and color code sales. Include the sales figures in the table, but also add the profit as a tool tip. Name the worksheet “Sales by Product Category.”
A treemap for Sales by Product Subcategory: This has the same setup as the Sales by Product Subcategory bar chart created in Unit 2. Submit your Tableau (.twb) or Excel workbook along with your PowerPoint presentation.
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