Based on the lectures from this week, answer the following questions regarding your research. For each, explain: My research is Helping behavior , what motivates a person to help

Which methodology (which means approach or methods you will use to conduct your study) are you using? I’m using Qualitative Resarch
Why you chose this approach and why it is the most logical, given your research topic?

Data Collection
Discuss the pros and cons of using each method of data collection (e.g., self-reports, observational, or physiological measures). Provide one example of when each would be useful and explain your reasoning. In addition, select a peer reviewed article for each method of data collection (e.g. 3 total), summarize the articles and how each research method was used. Make sure that the example you gave for the second part of the assignment (e.g. about when the research method would be useful) is different from the examples used in the peer reviewed journal articles.
Submission Details

Please provide your answers in a 2 page Microsoft Word document.
Support your responses with examples.
Cite any sources in APA format.
I am doing helping behavior , what motivates an indivdual to help and I am using qualitative research method

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