BA 410, task2.
1.To learn about what is new, exciting and trendy in the industry. This industry is so dynamic that we need to constantly update to stay competitive and unique.

To think outside of the box and hopefully develop some cool ideas we can adopt for the BCE event.

Your task:

Read the attached reports (2018 and 2019) and summarize five of the trends which you think are the most important. Explain why they are important for you personally, as an event planner, and/or for the industry broadly.
Which three trends do you think we can take into consideration or “apply” in the BCE Alumni event. Provide at least one specific example for each trend – how would we go about “applying” this trend in the event.

Please write about 1-2 pages single space (or more if you want). Grammar errors “cost” 2-5 points each!
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