APA Style. I Want An A On This
Good Morning,
Here is the outline for your paper:
Your paper has to be in APA style .
5-7 papers that does NOT include title paper and reference page
The movie indicated 5 reasons for the study
1- adoption effects on the development of children
2- heredity of mental illness
3- nature versus nurture
4- parenting strategies
5- the effects of socioeconomic class on the development of children
The name of the movie is Three Indentical Strangers and it came out in 2018
You are to pick one or more reason what you believe was the real reason for the study and explain why.
The second part of the paper you are to name and explain what code of ethics today would be violated if the study was to be done now.
Your papers are due by Monday 4/22/19 by 11:59 pm. No paper will be accepted after that time. It will result in an F. NO EXCUSES.
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