Choose an American domestic or foreign policy agenda put forth by the Trump administration since November 9th, 2017. Below are the subheadings that should be followed step by step to brief me on what the president is doing, who are his advisers, what interest groups are benefitting and losing from the policy, the history of the region impacted, a brief evaluation of the policy put forth and conclusions made before December 7th, 2017.
1. Trump’s xxxxxx policy agenda on?
2. Which administration cabinet officer supported?
3. Was the congress heavily involved?
4. Which interest groups were involved?
5. The history of the Trump policy
6. Evaluation of the policy
7. Conclusions?
This is a research paper and should be between 2-5 pages in length. Say 10 or 12 fonts and margins of 1″ all around the page. Must use scholarly articles and works cited is needed.
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