7 Page English assignment Based Off Two Short Stories
Two texts that I’m comparing are “BLOODCHILD” and “LOTTERY”



Grading the final draft:I will be evaluating your essay according to seven categories, each of which is
worth five points:
[1] clear explanation of your thesis and argument;
[2] selection and interpretation of evidence to support your thesis;
[3] quality and use of scholarly sources;
[4] depth of your comparative analysis (Are you going beyond the obvious?);
[5] overall organization and conclusion (Are you doing more than just repeating yourself in the last
[6] proofreading, sentence variety, and basic format;
[7] a “works cited” page containing your two literary texts and at least three outside scholarly
sources, all listed in alphabetical order, and the accuracy and punctuation of the quotations and the
parenthetical in-text citations within your essay.
Outside sources: You will use a minimum of three outside sources to strengthen your interpretation: at
least one source for each literary text. These sources should be scholarly, peer-reviewed articles
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